About The Doodle Boy

Welcome to my website - I am Joe - AKA 'The Doodle Boy' I am 10 years old and live in Shrewsbury in the UK - I absolutely love Art and especially Doodle and Cartoon style.

I have been drawing and painting since the age of three and Art has been a huge part of my life - I would draw, paint and do crafts  at every opportunity and that hasn't changed to this day...

My favourite characters to draw are Food, Monsters and Aliens but I pretty much create doodles from anything as I get inspired by my surroundings and create characters from all of the things I see such as my Burger and Fries characters, Flowers, Vegetables,Cakes -Yum, clouds, etc...

I also love creating things that you wouldn't normally think of such as Funny looking monsters and stuff, I have created characters like Praying Turtle, Cool Dog (My version of my own dog - Pacey), Backpack kid and even a dancing gorilla - I just love letting my imagination run free and creating fun stuff!!!

There is one rule I always follow and that i 'There is no right or wrong in Art just interpretation' and this means when I create I am completely free to express...

Anyway - take a look around my site and most important of all - Smile and have fun!!!

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