Joe - I love what you are doing and think you are awesome - Mr Doodle (Sam Cox)

I love your doodles! Keep on drawing - Jon Bergerman

Hi Joe - I love your work! - Emily Santangelo

Hi Joe, we saw your videos and found them so cool and amazing!!! - LeTribunaldunet

Hi Joe, we love your work so much - Tajinebanane

I came across your article and absolutely love your work... it's outstanding - Burnt Island Occasions

Hello! we just saw your story online and are so impressed with your work - Eat Piccolo

Just read your story - it's amazing!!! Keep it up. - Raymund Isaac

What an amazing talent - Leeanne Beggs - Creative designer @ Flintriver

So Great!! - Jason Wilkins - Illustrator/Muralist

This is fantastic. 100% - Go Joe!! - Wolfgang Bremer - Design leader

Amazing, well done Joe - Josh May - Creative designer

He's a natural talent!!! - Bronagh Wedderburn - Director @ Loveblood Creative

This is Amazing - JJ Garcia-Whippey - Digital/social media - Samsung

I love this!!! Put that kid forward for the Turner prize - Catherine Clark - Senior editor at Avescope

Wow that is beyond cool - Emma Painter - Interior designer

That is fantastic - Lynnette Kyme - Creative producer

Keith Haring started somewhere! Nice Job Joe - David Edwards - Design Director

The imagination of this child is epic ! - Dominic Pickard - Brand and design

Makes Keith Haring look like an amateur - Amanda Randall - Applied Artist

That's ace! - Simon Pates - Senior Manager @ Visionable Global

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